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Student Conduct and General Information

Behavior that is not conducive to the learning environment, including, but not limited to, unnecessary tardies, class disruption, uncooperative or distractive attitude, failure to be prepared for class, failing to observe the dress code, profane or vulgar language or conduct, or other behavior that requires students or teachers to divert their attention from the learning environment is considered a disruptive influence.  Students who are a disruptive influence shall face disciplinary actions that may include suspension from school and/or police intervention.


1.   Class Interruptions:  Class interruptions are annoying to students and teachers.  A class can only be interrupted with the permission of the counselor or administrator.

2.   Fighting:  Students involved in fighting shall be referred to the Safe Schools Policy when it is deemed appropriate.  Fighting will result in the suspension from school of all persons involved.  In the event of a second incident, a longer suspension can result, and further incidents could result in expulsion.  Fighting is prohibited in the school building, on the campus, on buses or at any school function.  The campus includes the surrounding areas as far as an incident might be seen from any part of the school building.  A fight that originates on the school campus, and is continued elsewhere, will be considered in the same light as the one that occurred on the school grounds.  For the safety of all involved, fighting shall result in a police referral.

3.   Language:   Profane language is annoying to the majority of students and staff at DYCH and is not appropriate.  State and city ordinances make profanity illegal and may also be considered as sexual harassment or disorderly conduct.  A student can be suspended for the use of profane language.  Profane language directed to a staff member will result in suspension and juvenile court referral for disorderly conduct.

4.   Public Displays of Affection:  Anything beyond holding hands is not appropriate at school or school activities.

5.   Respect for Authority:  The school staff, which includes administrators, teachers, counselors, secretaries, and custodians, is responsible for carrying out the school program as directed by the Board of Education.  Students are expected to respond, without argument, to any reasonable request made by any staff member or police officer.  (This includes giving the correct name and identification.)  Failure to obey such requests is insubordination and will result in disciplinary action.

6. Stealing:  Students who are guilty of stealing or in the possession of stolen goods will be handled severely.  Cases of stealing will be handled through the police.

7. Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drugs:  The Box Elder School District Board of Education recognizes that the use, possession, distribution, or sale of tobacco, alcohol, narcotics, and all other controlled or dangerous drugs and drug paraphernalia constitutes a hazard to students and is illegal according to Utah State Law.  All incidents involving drugs, alcohol, or tobacco shall result in a police referral.

First offenses with tobacco shall result in a police referral and citation.  Second offenses shall also result in a citation and include the student’s suspension from school.  A third tobacco offense shall result in a citation and indefinite suspension pending review by the District Superintendent.  Students dealing with tobacco issues are encouraged and may be required to participate in the school’s N.O.T. program.

Because of the imminent risks involved in drug and alcohol related possession/use, all incidents will be referred to the police and result in the student’s indefinite suspension from school.  Distribution of illegal substances may result in the student’s expulsion from school.

8.         Lewdness:  Lewdness, such as flashing, streaking, bare bum, mooning, etc., will result in a police referral, suspension from school, and will be handled in school according to the district’s sexual harassment guidelines.

9.         Financial Policy:  All money collected by organizations at the school is to be receipted by the financial secretary.  This includes all fund raising projects.  This money should be turned in no later than 3:00 p.m. and should be accompanied by a deposit verification form to assure proper deposit and security.  Purchase orders must be obtained before purchasing anything to be paid by the school.  A requisition listing the P.O. number, description, vendor and approximate cost must be filled out and left with the secretary at least 24 hours in advance.  The vendor will send invoices directly to the office for payment.  However, if a student or teacher receives the invoice, he/she is to turn it in to the financial secretary immediately upon receipt.

10.       Flower and Other Deliveries:  The school will not accept flower deliveries for students unless cleared by the administrator.  Items necessary to the education process will be accepted.  Notes will be delivered to the students informing them to pick up those items from the office.

11.       Telephones and Messages:  Office telephones are to be used for official school business or emergencies.  Students and teachers will not be called to the phone while classes are in session; however, emergency messages will be delivered promptly to those concerned.

12.       Radios, Cellular Phones, Pagers, Electronic Games, Etc.:  No pagers or beepers allowed.  All cell phones must be in the off position and not in use during class time.  If a student is using their cell phone in the building or using it outside during their scheduled classes, the cell phones will be confiscated and returned to a parent/guardian.  If the student abuses the use of their cell phones, the staff will request that the student not be allowed to have a cell phone in their possession during the school day.  Ongoing problems may result in the student’s suspension from school.

13.       Fund Raising:  As per District Policy, any organization or group who is in any way connected with the school or who is attempting to raise funds for a school activity through any type of community fund drive must have such drives approved by the principal by the Friday prior to the 1st of October.  All fund raising monies must be receipted by the financial secretary.

14.       Lunch and Vending Machines:  The lunch room is open and vending machines are available to students and faculty before school, during lunch periods, and after school.  School lunches may be purchased at the front desk.  As per Box Elder High School’s lunch program, school lunches must be ordered by 9:30 AM and picked up by 12:15 PM

15.       Light Lasers:  Light lasers are a serious risk to eye safety and are not allowed at school or any school activity.  They will be confiscated.

16.       Skateboards, Roller Blades, Skates, Roller Shoes, Bicycles, Scooters, Etc.:  Skateboards, roller blades, skates, roller shoes, bicycles, or scooters are not allowed on the campus due to insurance liability, student safety, and property damage.  They will be confiscated and parents will need to come and pick them up at the office.  Since there are now City Ordinances affecting the use of these items, offenders may be referred to the police for their use/possession at school.

17.       Student Records:  Students and/or their parents/guardians only, (or until the student enters the Adult Education program, then student only) have the right to examine school records related to them as per federal law.  A release slip must be signed before a student’s transcript can be sent to employers, etc.  Students may receive one first copy of their transcript free.  Thereafter, each copy will cost $2.00.

18.       Studentbody Cards:  A studentbody card is issued to each student when fees are paid, but it remains the property of the school and must be surrendered to staff or police upon request.  If a student’s card is lost or stolen, it should be reported to the office immediately so it can be cancelled.  A duplicate can be purchased for $5.00.

19.       Visitors:  All visitors must check in at the front desk when visiting the school.  Non students who are loitering on the campus will be referred to the police for trespass.  Regrettably, students from other schools desiring to visit students at our school will be turned away.

20.       Trespassing:  Persons who come on campus must check in and out at the office.  Persons who come on campus after having been notified either orally or in writing (including posted signs) that they are not authorized to be on school property are guilty of trespassing and subject to the provisions of HB157 which states in part:  . . . “a person is guilty of criminal trespass upon school property if said person enters or remains unlawfully upon the property and intends to cause annoyance or injury to a person or to cause damage to or on the school property, intends to commit a crime, is reckless as to whether the person’s presence will cause fear for the safety of another, and/or remains without authorization on school property”.  (School property is defined in the bill as any real property owned or occupied by a public or regularly organized private school including real property temporarily occupied for a school activity or program.

21.       Care of Building / School Property:  Litter is not conducive to a good educational environment.  We thank the students for taking ownership in keeping our campus clean.  Parties are not to be held during school hours.  Any exception, justifiable only by close ties to the curriculum, must be cleared by the principal.  Any student who willfully defaces, cuts, paints, or otherwise injures in anyway property, real or personal, belonging to the school or district is liable to suspension or expulsion, and shall be liable for all damages so caused by such student and appropriate action, including police referral.  This includes other schools (such as Box Elder High School).

22.       Asbestos:  Dale Young Community High is in complete compliance with the laws of the State of Utah and Box Elder School District in regards to asbestos.  Each year required periodic checks of the school are conducted and properly documented as required by law.

23.       Failing Students:  Every effort will be made by the staff to contact and encourage students to earn credit.  Parents may request a progress report at anytime.

24.       Bridgerland Applied Technology College (BATC):  Students enrolled at DYCHS have the opportunity to attend the Bridgerland Applied Technology College (BATC).  The variety of Applied Technology programs at BATC is designed to prepare students for certification and job entry.  Students attending BATC must comply with all DYCHS and BATC policies, codes, and rules.  Students must meet the following criteria for enrollment in BATC programs, prior to enrolling in the program.

a.   Students must be in good academic and citizenship standing with DYCHS.
b.   The Student Education and Occupational Plan (SEOP) must be aligned with student’s program interests at BATC.
c.   Students must apply for admission to the college with the DYCHS counselor.25.    

25. Appeals of Students:  Proper procedure for registering complaints and problems of students with school activities and staff is an important factor in having a positive student system.  Students who need to appeal decisions affecting their activities at DYCHS need to follow these procedures.  Parent involvement in the appeal process is encouraged.

a.   Discuss problems and/or complaints with the teacher/staff member responsible for the decision in conflict.
b.   If there is still a question or dissatisfaction, the student should then discuss the matter with the counselor or principal.  At this time a formal appeals committee may be formed.
c.   In the event that an issue remains unresolved after following the process prescribed by DYCHS, the student’s next available course of appeal is outlined in Box Elder School District Policy 5350.

26. Textbooks & Class Materials:        Student registration fees will provide for all necessary books and materials needed in each class.  Students are responsible for the care and return of these materials.  School materials and resources that are not returned in re-useable condition or in a timely manner will need to be replaced at the student’s expense.  These costs (fees) cannot be waived.  Lost, damaged, or stolen textbooks can only be replaced by purchasing new books. 
27. Cheating:    A reputation based on honesty is of great importance.  Accordingly, the school will do its best to help you protect it.  If you should act dishonestly, the school, through disciplinary action and counseling, will work with you to try to repair the damage you have done to your relationships with the students, staff, and community.

      All forms of cheating and plagiarism are prohibited.  Behavior that is unacceptable includes but is not limited to:

  1. copying another student’s homework;
  2. working with others on projects that are meant to be done individually;
  3. looking at or copying another student’s test or quiz answers;
  4. allowing another student to look at or copy answers from your test or quiz;
  5. using any other method to get/give test or quiz answers;
  6. taking a test or quiz in part or in whole to use or give to others;
  7. copying information from a source without proper attribution; and
  8. taking papers from other students, publications, or the internet.


Violators of this policy will be disciplined on a case-by-case basis depending upon the seriousness of the violation, prior violations, and other factors.  Disciplinary measures include, but are not limited to, redoing assignment/retaking test, receiving a failing grade on a project/test, receiving a lower overall grade in the class, detention, suspension, or expulsion.

NOTE:  Each teacher will provide students with individual disclosure statements which will include course and classroom expectations specific to their classes.  Parents and students should review these carefully to assure success in every class.

I understand that my attendance at Dale Young Community High School is dependent upon my conduct.  I also understand that an effective learning environment is dependent upon good citizenship and appropriate conduct of all who attend and visit our school.
Parent and student signatures required on admission agreement form.